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How to write 50 word stories

After the success of our writing advice article How to Write a 6 Word Story, and with August’s West Lothian Write looking for 50 word stories, we thought we’d look at some advice for tales with an additional 44 words. Surprisingly perhaps we couldn’t find any articles that looked particular at 50 word stories but …

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Performance Tips

With our Performance Workshop with Polly Philips only a few days away we thought it was the right time to look at the subject on the website. Performance in creative writing is the same as any other creative industry as in it is piece of entertainment presented to an audience, usual live. Some people will have …

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Improving Your Poetry

Improving Your Poetry

It has been a while since we posted some writing advice on poetry so we thought we’d look at a couple of articles on how to improve your poetry and how you’ll know when your poem is good.

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Transforming Your Writing in 2015

WLW Meeting - 05/01/2015

At this time of year everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions, you may have made one yourself. I’d imagine the majority of you who are reading this website will have some kind of creative writing resolution and we are here to help with a series of questions and points taken from three of our favourite …

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Write Poems about Nature

Due to our location at Linlithgow Canal Centre a lot of our writing at From The Blank Page To The Written Word focused on nature and the world around us. With this in mind we thought we should share from of the exercises Janis Mackay used that day, along with a few articles we found …

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Editing Hints & Tips

“Books are not written–they’re rewritten.” Michael Crichton Almost every writer in existence will have heard advice similar to the Michael Crichton quote. While searching for the above quote I came across similar versions from Roald Dahl, Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Nabokov.  Anyway the reason for the above quote is that today we are talking about re-writing …

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10 Tips For Writing Short Stories

WLW Meeting - 03/03/2015

According to Writers’ Relief May is Short Story Month so we at West Lothian Writers think this is a good excuse to talk about Short Stories and provide you guys with some advice when writing them. In fact we thought we would give you guys 10 Tips for Writing Short Stories. Of course these tips …

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Creative Confidence

A couple of months ago now I posted the question below on our Twitter feed: I’m going to be write a couple of writing advice posts for our website 2night. What would you like us to focusing on? http://t.co/jPp4tVTyOV — West Lothian Writing (@WLWriters) February 25, 2014 and we got the following reply from Mary …

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Editing – Where to Start


Stephen King once said that To write is human, to edit is divine. Yet how do you become good at this divine art? Well let us at West Lothian Writers – and a few articles we found on the net help you! Everything you could possibly want to know is inside!

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