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WLW Meeting 17/03/2015

WLW Meeting 17/03/2015

This week’s meeting saw a turn out of four people who enjoy a couple of great pieces of writing, our new business cards and a wee exercise. You can find out more below!

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WLW Meeting – 03/03/2015

We saw a great turnout of 10 people including a couple of new folk and the return of another. Hello to Alison and Bill and welcome back Mitra. You can find out about what they, and everyone else, got up to below.

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WLW Meeting – 17/02/2015

This week’s we choose to add a bit of romance to our meeting with a love theme to celebrate Valentine’s Day that had passed a few days earlier. Of the six people who turned to the meeting everyone got to read their work that looked at all aspects of love, including the bad side – expect …

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WLW Meeting – 03/02/2015

WLW Meeting - 03/02/2015

This week’s meeting saw our biggest turn out of the year so far with eight people making it along. Due to Anne’s recently performance at West Lothian Council’s Holocault Memorial Day event, much of the meeting was taken up talking about this. Something we felt was very suitable considering the importance of it. Along with a short report …

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WLW Meeting – 20/01/2015

WLW Meeting - 15/09/2015

Tonight saw another turn out of five people including the return of Valerie and Jordan. It is great to see you back guys. Come on in and see what we got up to this week.

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WLW Meeting – 06/01/2015

We started 2015 with a happy new year to everyone who turned up at this year’s meeting. While sadly a few couldn’t make it we had a great night as five of us looked at some new and very different styles of writing for our members. To find out more check below the break!

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