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Nine Quotes from Famous Writers

Ten Quotes from Famous Writers
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We always like sharing writing advice from famous writers because if anyone knows what they are doing the chances are it’ll be them. You can imagine then how excited we were when we came across Evan S. Porter article 19 Writing Tips & Techniques from Famous Writers That You Can Use Right Now. Rather than just coping and pasting the whole article we picked out our favourites, which you’ll find below the break. Warning there is a wee bit of bad language! You’ll definitely click now!

Writing Advice

Writing Advice from Stephen King

Writing Advice from Stephen KingOne thing we didn’t report in our round up of this week’s meeting was the short discussion about Stephen King‘s book Stephen King on Writing. One of the reasons for this was so we could do a more in depth at the advice of one of America’s greatest living writers here. We have his Top 20 Rules for Writers from Open Culture and a short five minute interview he did with Borders Bookshop a few years ago.

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Editing – Where to Start

Editing - Where to Start

Stephen King once said that

To write is human, to edit is divine.

Yet how do you become good at this divine art? Well let us at West Lothian Writers – and a few articles we found on the net help you! Everything you could possibly want to know is inside!