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Oct 20

Edge Lit-6 Convention Part 3

Edge Lit-6 Conversation Part 3

Over the past few days we’ve been bring you Nadine Little‘s experiences of this year’s Edge Lit-6 Conversation. You can read Part 1 here and you can read Part 2 here. In the final part includes her report of a Samantha Shannon Q&A and two other workshops.

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Oct 19

Edge Lit-6 Convention Part 2

Yesterday we published the first part of Nadine Little’s trip to Edge Lit-6. Today you can read the second part of her adventure which looks at the first workshop she attended. You can read what happened below the break

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Oct 18

Edge-Lit 6 Convention Part 1

Nadine Little has been back out on her travels and has been visiting Edge-Lit 6 in Derby. So much happened over the day we’ve had to split her report on the day into three parts. You’ll find part 1 below the break.

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