WLW Meeting 08/12/2015


This week saw a turn out of nine people including a new member Margaret. Now we have two Margaret’s to go along with two Elizabeths! It was also great to welcome back David and Cheryl.

This Week’s News

Next week is our Christmas party so please bring along up to 1000 words on any topic you like that links to Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, Flash Fiction website Zero Flash are running a Christmas Competiton. They are wanting up to 300 words inspired by the video click above. More information can be found here.

West Lothian Council have approached West Lothian Writers asking us to take part in their Holocaust Memorial Day next year. If anyone is interested please email WLWriters@gmail.com to let us.

This Week’s Writing

  • A Christmas Story – A sci fiction story by Margaret Walker. On the eve of 2300 an alien spacecraft is brought to earth.
  • A Lunch To Remember – the second part of Norman’s short story. Brahams and Tchaikovsky sit down for lunch despite hating each other.
  • The Migrant – the opening to David’s story about the ongoing immigrant crisis going on in Europe. Ahmed arrives at the migrant camp in Calais
  • The Mountain Says No – the start of a story by Cheryl. Vic and Rick plan their trip up a mountain.
  • Fencing – a poem by Ian about his experiences of the sport of Fencing
  • Fridged – a piece of flash fiction by Stephen. Paul and his brother have an argument in a car after the death of Paul’s wife.

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What You Learn From Writing Flash Fiction

What You Learn From Writing Flash Fiction

Image from A Tramp Abroad, Mark Twain (British Library)

We’ve talked about Flash Fiction before on this site but as it is becoming more and more popular we thought we should look at it again. This time we are going to be looking at what you learn from writing flash fiction. At this point we should say that Flash Fiction goes by many different names as TubeFlash points out:

short fiction, concise fiction, micro fiction, micro narrative, postcard fiction, short short, sudden fiction, cut-off fiction and in China it is known as ‘smoke long’.

The important thing to remember is that flash fiction is a story that is very short, normally less than 500, most of the time even shorter.

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WLW Meeting – 24/11/2015

WLW Meeting - 24/11/2015This week saw a turn of all seven people with a whole mix of flash fiction, autobiography and even a blog post draft.

We started the meeting with some news from Anne who’d received a response from the BBC about a play she’d submitted back in 2012 with a note that said:

Just found this in a cupboard. Apologies I’m only getting back to you now

I guess you can’t win them all Anne.

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West Lothian Write 20th November 2015

West Lothian Write 20th November 2015Last night was the third West Lothian Write of the year hosted by Alan Bissett. We were also able to launch our anthology A Well Travelled Notebook at the same time as the books arrived the day before. The night was a great success with seven members of West Lothian Writers reading – which was half the people reading. Of course we thought they were the best performers as well but we are biased! Find out what we read below the break.

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WLW Meeting – 10/11/2015

WLW Meeting - 10/11/2015


After the excitement of Halloween we went back to our usual format of reading out work and offering feedback on each other’s work. Five people came along to our meeting including two new members Cheryl and David. We hope you both enjoyed the meeting.

A Well Travelled Notebook

A quick update on our upcoming anthology A Well Travelled Notebook. The second draft has now been completed and we are only days away from sending the book to be printed. We are still on track to launch the anthology at West Lothian Write at Howden Park on the 20th of November.


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WLW Meeting Halloween Special – 27/10/2015

WLW Meeting Halloween Special - 27/10/2015

This week was our Halloween special which means scary stories, scarier ‘nick’ names and Halloween cakes and biscuits. There were twelve tales in all and you’ll find them all below the break!

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WLW Meeting – 13/10/2015

WLW Meeting - 13/10/2015This week saw another new two members Paula and Belinda. We hope you enjoyed coming along to West Lothian Writers and you’ll be back soon. In addition to Paula and Belinda another seven people turned up to this week’s meeting and involved award winning poetry, famous Gormans and first time plays. We started the meeting with Ian reading his award winning poem The Snails Move Out.

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WLW Meeting – 29/09/2015

WLW Meeting - 29/09/2015This week saw a smaller turn out than usual of six people but we still got through some great writing and even a quick writing exercise. Of course, as always, we start with the news!

This Week’s News

There is only one place we can start talking tonight and that is Ian’s competition win. His poem The Snails Move Out won one of 15 prizes of the Foyle Young Poets 2015 which is very impressive when you consider over 6000 people entered!

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Dialogue Tags Exercise

Dialogue Tags Exercise

The other day I came across a great series of article from Jen Matera on Write Divas about Dialogue Tags and I’ve been trying to work out how to share these articles with you since. At first I was going to do a summary article but then I felt the points they try to make would work better as an exercise so that is what we are going to do today.

We’ll start with the basics. Below are five pieces of dialogue and the tags to show who is speaking. Please add in the correct punctuation marks for each situation. The answers are below the break

1) “Please leave me alone while I read the paper” Rupert said

2) “What would you like to order today” The Waitress asked

3) “Hello” said Jimmy “I’m looking for Mr Stewart”

4) “What the hell were you thinking” Gordon screamed

5) Fred noticed the lost looking tourists “can I help you”

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The Successful Submissions for the West Lothian Writers Second Anthology

As we mentioned in our post yesterday we’ve been busy selecting pieces from our members for the second West Lothian Writers Anthology. Now we have a finished the process we thought we would share the list and hopefully wet your appropriate for the book when it launches in November. Before that let’s talk about the title because we have one. Check below to find out what it is!

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