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Building Stronger Heroes and Villains

Today we are going to look at how to create stronger heroes and villains – in a writing sense of course! The first thing to say is that heroes and villains are just characters and can be anything from moral knights to evil bakers and back again. We are going to start by looking at some advice from Mythic Scribes below the break.

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WLW Meeting – 18th August 2015

Tonight’s meeting saw a great turn out of nine people including a couple of new people. Elizabeth and Marita joined us for the first time and we hope you enjoyed the meeting. After the news, which will follow shortly, we did a quick writing exercise before moving onto people’s writing.

This Week’s News

On Friday it is the next West Lothian Write taking place at the Howden Park Centre. The night starts at 7pm and is a great opportunity to read your work out to an audience.

The next day is our Conquering the Blank Page workshop with Janis Mackay. The workshop will look at the basics of creative writing. It’ll take place next to where we normally meet in Carmondean Community Centre and will run from 10am till 4pm.

Eric has entered his short story Seline and the Seance into Inkitt’s Laughable Competition. You can vote for his story here.

Finally a reminder to all members to get their submissions in for our next anthology. For more information check out the Second Anthology Page on the website.

WLW Meeting - 18th August 2015

Writing Exercise

Anne led the group on a writing exercise she’d come up with. She described a countryside scene that finished with the writer discovering a letter in a house address to them. She asked the group to write that letter.

This Week’s Writing

  • Bus Stop – the next section in Chris’ mystery tale. DI McKenzie continues his interview of Linda Reid, accusing her of murder
  • A Ticket Inside My Head – a blog post from our newest member Elizabeth. about her experiences travelling around the world.
  • The Girl on the Yellow Paper – the second part of Stephen‘s story. The narrator finds out more about the drunk and the girl on the yellow paper, including her name.
  • Strange Street – an extract from Bill’s new novel. Adam and Paul find themselves back in 1915 despite the fact they are from 2015.
  • Dr Christie’s Pharaoh – the start of a novel by Norman. Charles and Julia chat her boss’ pharaoh.

WLW Meeting – 04/08/2015

WLW Meeting - 04/08/2015

This week saw another great turn out of eight people who all settled down to listen, and feedback on, some great stories