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Making Editing Joyful

For some all the fun in writing, whether prose or poetry, is the first draft when you can let your creative imagination go and you can write whatever you like. The next stage, editing, is seen like hard work and boring. Mabel E. Wetherbee disagrees saying: Going back and editing is the best part of …

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Writing Advice from Stephen King

Writing Advice from Stephen King

One thing we didn’t report in our round up of this week’s meeting was the short discussion about Stephen King‘s book Stephen King on Writing. One of the reasons for this was so we could do a more in depth at the advice of one of America’s greatest living writers here. We have his Top 20 …

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WLW Meeting – 17/02/2015

This week’s we choose to add a bit of romance to our meeting with a love theme to celebrate Valentine’s Day that had passed a few days earlier. Of the six people who turned to the meeting everyone got to read their work that looked at all aspects of love, including the bad side – expect …

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13 Words or Phrases To Remove From Your Writing

13 Unlucky Words or Phrases That Should Be Removed From Your Writing

We have said before and we will say again that the purpose of the first draft is to exist which means, for the only time in the writing process all rules can go out of the window. It doesn’t matter whether your Point of View stays consistent or whether you jump from past tense to …

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Seline and the Fifty Shades

In the build up to Eric‘s pubishing his first novel, we thought we’d share one of his short stories and, considering the film they realised this weekend, what better choice than one involving Eric‘s famous character Seline and her experience of Fifty Shades of Grey! If you wish to read more of Seline’s adventures check …

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How to Write Love Poetry

WLW Meeting - 17/02/2015

As it is Valentine’s Day it seems very suitable to talk about how to write love poetry. We will start at looking at the basics of  writing a love poem before looking at six elements that you could include in your poem. Finally we’ll look at ways you could improve your poem. Click below to …

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Giving Feedback – Ugly Babies & Oreos!

Giving Feedback - Ugly Babies & Oreos!

Perhaps the most important thing we do at West Lothian Writers is give each other feedback at our meetings every fortnight. However, giving feedback is far harder than you might think. When reading a story it is very easy to say whether a story is good or bad, it is harder to give the reasons …

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WLW Meeting – 03/02/2015

WLW Meeting - 03/02/2015

This week’s meeting saw our biggest turn out of the year so far with eight people making it along. Due to Anne’s recently performance at West Lothian Council’s Holocault Memorial Day event, much of the meeting was taken up talking about this. Something we felt was very suitable considering the importance of it. Along with a short report …

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