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WLW Meeting 29/04/2014

WLW Meeting & AGM 14/04/2015

We had another great turnout tonight even though it was our AGM! Much of this turn out was due to the promise of free cake. There was eleven of us in total with Emma returning to say hi – hopefully she’ll be back again soon! AGM As I said above we started the meeting with …

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Formatting Your Manuscript

Formatting Your Manuscript

At this week’s meeting the topic of formatting your manuscript came up. While we managed to most of the questions there and then we thought the subject would make a brilliant post so here we are. The first thing to say is that none of points below are set in stone. In many ways you …

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WLW Meeting 15/04/2014

This week saw another great turn out with three new people joining us for the first time with Bill returning after a while away. Welcome Jackie, Kirsty and Charlie. Hopefully see you again next time. As usual we’ll start with this week’s news before telling you know what pieces were read.

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Ray Bradbury’s Writing Advice

Ray Bradbury's Creative Writing Tips

We like our advice from publishers writers here at West Lothian Writers as you can see from our posts 164 Writing Tips from 17 Published Authors and The Guardian’s Ten Rules For Writing Fiction. Today we are looking at the advice of one of the masters of the short story – Ray Bradbury.

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Creative Confidence

A couple of months ago now I posted the question below on our Twitter feed: I’m going to be write a couple of writing advice posts for our website 2night. What would you like us to focusing on? http://t.co/jPp4tVTyOV — West Lothian Writing (@WLWriters) February 25, 2014 and we got the following reply from Mary …

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WLW Meeting 01/04/2014

Tonight’s meeting saw a bumper turn out of eleven people including the long awaited return of Norman.

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